Weekly Trash Services

LMR Disposal can accommodate your every waste disposal service requirement. Please select your service below.


LMR Disposal Residential Services

We understand how dependent you are on curbside pickup and disposal. Our Residential division offers you the service you need.


LMR Disposal Commercial Services

Contact us today and we’ll design a detailed program customized to provide you with the best business waste solutions available.


LMR Disposal Industrial Services

We can service your industrial project with Dumpster Roll Off containers for scraps and waste ranging in sizes from 1 to 40 Yards.


Please have your container at the curb the night before your pickup day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you move?

The can with the serial number has been assigned to your specific address. If you plan to move, please contact our offices at (908)-454-4550 • (908)-859-0373 • (610)-737-9525 to inform us when you will be moving so the can will be credited from your account.

Can you rent dumpsters for home renovations or cleanups?

Yes, LMR Disposal LLC offers all weekly customers a $30 discount off any dumpster rental. The sizes we offer our customers are 10 yd, 15yd, 20yd, 30yd and 40yd service.

Important items concerning the pickup of your household garbage.

Household garbage includes any waste generated on a daily basis. This excludes vehicle parts, hazardous waste, liquid paint, motor oil, or other unacceptable materials.

If you have a bag or two more try to fit them in your can even if the can lid is open slightly.

LMR Disposal does take yard waste:
All yard waste must be put in bags not to exceed 30 lbs. and should be placed in your can or next to it. Keep in mind – additional costs may apply if you are exceeding your weekly limit of trash based on service. If you go above the allotted amount you must notify the office as charges will apply (additional bags or cans).

For sanitary reasons, use a plastic bag for all trash. If you have Styrofoam packing material, known as “peanuts,” or any light items (for example, plastic grocery bags) which could easily blow away, Please secure these types of items in a bag before placing in the can so the material will not blow out and litter the streets and neighborhoods.

What to do with paint:
Please do not throw away any cans with liquid paint still in them. If you have paint to be disposed of, please follow these directions:

  • To solidify solvents and other household waste, mix the liquid with enough absorbent material to absorb all free liquid and allow the mixture to harden.
  • Sand, sawdust, or cat litter can be used.
  • Place the solidified material in a plastic bag (double bagging is best) and put it with your regular garbage.
  • Dispose of at your local paint store.

LMR customers may change can size one time free of charge. All changes after that will result in a $25 fee.

Please do not put hot ashes or coals in the container as it could cause the container or garbage truck to catch on fire. Once again the can is provided free of charge with monthly service, if the can is destroyed the customer will be responsible for the cost of a new one @ $90.00.